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Our Vision

Closing the old sihteeriopisto/sexwork site caused a news flash in Finnish newspapers. From a regular citizens point of view, those were just news but from a sex workers’ point of view it meant losing a supporting web from other workers in a profession that can be dangerous and is commonly condemned. The old and were a meeting spot for professionals, their support and safety web they could rely on. Due to this unfavored events, we wanted to help this industry back to its feet and to operate in a safe environment.

The “students” in this “sihteeriopisto academy” will choose their favored subjects and actions by them self, varying from blowjob and facial ejaculation to threesome or moresome or some dominatrix plays. The students/workers will announce in their profile all the actions they are willing to do and in what conditions.

The site has strong values against human trafficking and pimping/pairing people against their own will. If anyone feels that they are part of any of the above-mentioned actions or wants to talk about the subject we strongly recommend turning in to Pro-tukipiste. Pro-tukipiste is a professional organization to support the rights and help the victims of pimping or human trafficking.

Sihteeriopisto is a place to meet for sex workers and tell about themselves. Sihteeriopisto site does not take any responsibility to profiles authenticity. Sihteeriopisto will provide a forum for discussion which is meant to provide a safe and trusted environment for discussion about sex work and related topics.


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